AtemisCloud Business Suite
List of the AtemisCloud 537 features
The chart showing Series 1 series.

Branch: 6.HR Feature: Contracts TimeLine AtemisCloud | 6.HR | Contracts TimeLine
Description:This report displays all employees contracts in the time line.

Branch: 6.HR Feature: Employees' names translations AtemisCloud | 6.HR | Employees' names translations
Description:This feature is dedicated to translate the employees' or users' names into several languages and alphabets. These translations are used in official documents or websites using different alphabets. The online translation is not always correct and the translations should be fixed and are stored here.

Branch: 1.CRM Feature: Customized fields AtemisCloud | 1.CRM | Customized fields
Description:This essential feature allows you to manage all customized fields. These fields can be created as you need for any kind of entity within AtemisCloud database. These entities are companies, contacts, projects, employees, candidates, lots,... New entities can be created from Settings>Tools>Workflow>Workflow entities. When the customized fields are created from the backoffice feature, they and their content can be managed from the CRM in the tab Qualification. You will find these "Qualification" tabs into all AtemisCloud entities.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Website | Logs analyser AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Website | Logs analyser
Description:This feature shows all the reports from your website logs.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Products Information Management AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Products Information Management
Description:This feature is a PIM (Product Information Management). and allows you to manage all contents and information of all products.

Branch: 1.CRM Feature: Opportunities List AtemisCloud | 1.CRM | Opportunities List
Description:This feature allows you to manage opportunities within the selected company. The list is displayed into a company details' tab.

Branch: 7.Backoffice Feature: Blank Item AtemisCloud | 7.Backoffice | Blank Item
Description:This item is used when another object than an AtemisCloud control is used within the menu.

Branch: 7.Backoffice Feature: Customized lists AtemisCloud | 7.Backoffice | Customized lists
Description:This feature manage all customized lists within your application. The listed fields, the search fields and the fields boxes can be customized according to your needs. All can be customized within AtemisCloud.

Branch: 6.HR Feature: Reports AtemisCloud | 6.HR | Reports
Description:This report (Stavki) is designed according to the Russian speaking countries requirements. It can be printed and sent to the States server by web service.

Branch: 5.Finance Feature: Reports All AtemisCloud | 5.Finance | Reports All
Description:This financial report gathers all financial data by invoicing companies.