The 5 reasons why companies complaint about SaaS applications
10/18/2022 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects

Boost your SaaS
Using multiple SaaS applications can help companies become more efficient, agile, and competitive in their markets. While SaaS applications offer many benefits, they can also create challenges for companies, particularly as the number of applications grows. 
Why companies should use AtemisCloud instead of hundreds of SaaS applications?
9/21/2022 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR

Why companies should use AtemisCloud instead of hundreds of SaaS applications Companies today are facing a daunting task when it comes to managing their various SaaS applications. It's common for businesses to use dozens or even hundreds of different tools, from project management software to customer relationship management platforms. according to a report by Blissfully, which analyzed data from over 1,000 companies, the average number of SaaS applications used by companies in 2021 was 288. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees tend to use an average of around 73 SaaS applications, while larger companies with over 1,000 employees use an average of around 380 SaaS applications. While each of these applications may serve a specific purpose, the sheer number of tools can create unnecessary complexity and make it difficult to manage data and processes efficiently. This is where AtemisCloud comes in. AtemisCloud is an all-in-one SaaS solution that combines a variety of features into a single platform, including CRM, Marketing, Administration, Finance, HR and more. By consolidating all of these tools into a single solution, AtemisCloud offers several benefits for businesses of all sizes.
7 reasons why SME should use SaaS applications
7/12/2022 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR

7 reasons why SME should use SaaS applications Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face unique challenges when it comes to managing their business operations. Often working with limited resources, SMEs must find ways to maximize their efficiency and productivity while keeping costs under control. This is where Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications can be a game-changer for SMEs. By leveraging the benefits of SaaS applications, SMEs can more effectively manage their business operations and focus on growth and innovation.
What are the advantages of a CRM coupled with an emailing and questionnaire solution?
6/13/2022 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing

Pack CRM + Marketing Tools
Coupling an emailing to a questionnaire module makes it possible to create a two-way exchange. This questionnaire is other than a landing page, which usually asks for contact details. Here the contact is known and recognized. It can respond to a qualification, a market study, create an opportunity and effectively enrich your CRM. Of course, if you choose a CRM solution, then another for emailing, a last for the questionnaire, the integrations will be long, tedious and the data copied in the 3 applications. It is advisable to use a completely integrated solution which allows you to send your emailing from your CRM, to see all the interactions of the customer from this CRM, and to see all the questionnaires completed by this customer from the same solution.
What does AtemisCloud do?
5/10/2022 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR, BackOffice

What does AtemisCloud do? Since its beginnings in 1998, Atemis has been digitizing the business processes of its SME customers and subsidiaries of large groups. The first were banks, insurance companies, distribution groups, pharmaceutical laboratories. The pleasure of the AtemisCloud teams is to understand how an organization, a SME works, what the business processes are, how to digitize, automate and accelerate them. Creating a technological advantage for customers is AtemisCloud's raison d'être. Enabling them to gain in quality, productivity and ease remains the primary motivation. In addition, no investment is necessary since a smartly designed solution can be self-financed on its own added value.
Digital Transformation for Talent acquisition
12/10/2021 Chien Dang CRM, Marketing, Projects

Recruitement SaaS Recruiting talent is an important issue for all companies. Competent employees contribute to the good development and value creation of companies. For those with many branches or offices, face-to-face recruitment remains a problem to be solved. Face-to-face interviews often come up against many difficulties due to geographical distance, time and space constraints. During this period of COVID, where people have to limit any direct contact, the use of digital technologies has become absolutely necessary. We can see that from 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a number of unexpected changes and major challenges to the world. However, no matter what situation you find yourself in, if you always have positive thoughts, even the most difficult times can make you better. As we move forward, we adapt to a new way of doing things, and eventually everything makes more sense. We need to make more commitments, achieve more change and look further. If you are a talented employer, you are looking for good support to get through this difficult pandemic without a hitch. You will then find suitable strategies, solutions and men. In the past, a large part of recruitment companies focused on finding candidates and then successively eliminating them in order to discover the perfect person. Now, with talent acquisition, the search is reversed. It becomes positive and constructive.
The benefits of retail and distribution management solutions!
11/10/2021 Chien Dang CRM, Marketing, Projects

Retail & Distribution
In the development activities of businesses, product manufacturing companies, distributors play an important role in their business and trade. Distributor is an intermediary unit connecting manufacturers with agents as well as consumers. A large distributor can distribute many different products and brands. However, the difficulty in distribution management that businesses face is inventory problems, uncontrollable goods, staff management, and distribution of goods between levels. physical. So how to prevent risks in distribution management? That is the question posed by many businesses today. To solve those difficulties AtemisCloud developed a management software solution for distributors, which the distributors were able to apply to optimize operations, solving challenges related to distribution operations, retail and distribution of your business or company. At the same time, the solution also helps you to grasp the consumer tastes of the market.
Why build a loyalty program?
10/11/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing

loyalty Businesses, whether small or large, rely on customer loyalty to succeed. Customer loyalty determines the development of the business. You do not want to see customers buy once and leave, even more you do not want yourself to spend too much money on advertising, re-advertising products that are ineffective. To achieve the goal of retaining customers, businesses need strategies. The customer loyalty building strategy is a system of actions designed to add value to customers to encourage them to continue to purchase and spread the brand of the business's products or services. The purpose of strategies is to create a good user experience of a product or service. From there, it helps to foster loyalty, positive emotions to make customers voluntarily buy the next time.
Why should insurance companies use a CRM solution?
9/10/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration

insurance CRM Insurance is not a new concept. When human needs are increasing, they want a fully protected life from health to finance and the future from the risks in life. Selling insurance is not like selling any other product or service. Buyers cannot look, feel or touch it and you are selling insurance policies to the concerns of potential buyers. In the end you, the insurance companies and agents are selling your beliefs, ideas and expertise. Any difficulty affects directly the company's brand. Besides replying to all the customer requests is a prerequisite for the company to stay alive in the market. Insurance CRM with all digitial business processes are considered as the top solution for insurance companies.
How has education changed after Covid?
8/5/2021 Chien Dang Administration, Projects

education The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic affected all industries. Education is one of the most heavily affected professions. When the state regularly encourages people to stay active at home, do not gather people to ensure safety. Many traditional schools and educational centers are forced to close, teachers are mass unemployed ... On the contrary, online education does not seem to be significantly affected. Online education has been developed for a long time. Many countries around the world have considered it a trend of the times and have applied it to teaching. However, not all schools apply, many schools still hesitate and suspect that this form of teaching is ineffective, so they still choose to teach only in the traditional way. But in the difficult situation of the pandemic they are forced to switch to a new method if they do not want their teaching to be delayed for too long. From there, leading to a rapid transition to distance education, training and online learning activities. The crisis has encouraged widespread use of online platforms and tools to further facilitate learning and skill development.
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