List of the AtemisCloud 530 features
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Branch: 4.Project Feature: Wealth Management profile AtemisCloud | 4.Project | Wealth Management profile
Description:Manage the full wealth management profile of your contacts with all info (Personal, Professional, Revenues, Taxes, Investments, Real estate, consumer credits). Get alerts, analysis and reports. A customer extranet is available to allow the customer to update its own data and share its document.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Videos dashboard AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Videos dashboard
Description:This feature allows you to view all your youtube videos and available KPI. Upload your videos directly from your AtemisCloud solution.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Powerpoint Presentation Builder AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Powerpoint Presentation Builder
Description:This feature is dedicated to create automatic Powerpoint presentations using Open XLM. The slides' content can be selected from images in your Clouds. Fill the text as needed. Save the created document as PPTX or PDF.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Targets details AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Targets details
Description:Get all details about your targets / audiences to know how often do you contact them, which channels do you mostly use, get the list of all contacts, all emailings opened and clicked by them, add tags describing this target and get all recommandations.

Branch: 1.CRM Feature: Quotations AtemisCloud | 1.CRM | Quotations
Description:Create quickly a quotation by selecting the products or services to sell, the quantities, attach a description and an image if needed. Add other lines, the taxes and discounts. Fill the description of the quotation and select the destinee, among all contacts of the selected company. Save the quotation. By double clicking on it, you can open it in your browser and save it as PDF file. The best is to send it directly to the destinee by right clicking on "Send by email". The destinee will receive an message with the opening link of the quotation. The quotation will then be displayed automatically as a PDF file. The workflow will send you an alert when your prospect / the destinee will open the quotation.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Website Content Management System AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Website Content Management System
Description:This feature is dedicated to manage the content of any type of websites for any language and any structure. The website is split by pages. Each page contains several blocks. Each block can be defined in terms of fields, text, image, video. Manage the meta tags and the styles sheet / css files directly. This feature allows all our customers to maintain their websites by themselves, and improve the content whenever they want.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Elearning Course Manager AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Elearning Course Manager
Description:For each class, define the content by adding movies, documents or quizes. Click on the selected button. For the video, upload the shortcut of the Youtube movie, the Application will download the movie description, the length and the content directly. For a document, upload the document and indicate how time is needed to read it. For a quiz, click on question. The Elearning Examination Manager describes how to use it.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Elearning Examinations Manager AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Elearning Examinations Manager
Description:After the class, add examinations and quizes. Add questions one by one. Define the types of question within "Multiple Choice", "Normal", "Essay" or "Filling Gap". Add several answers and indicate which are the correct ones. Keep in mind to add the number of minutes available for the students to fill this quiz. Click on the button [Finish] to save the examination.

Branch: 7.Backoffice Feature: Customized CRUD Pages AtemisCloud | 7.Backoffice | Customized CRUD Pages
Description:This feature allows you to create a customized page in less than 1 minute. The page gor the options to create, read, update, and delete the records. It can be used for any dictionnary tables in the AtemisCloud database or any specific list or report that you need. Be free to create any customized page. You can use the SQL graphical builder to built the desired query. Then click on the rights tab to create a menu pointing on your new page, and indicate which profiles can access to this menu.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Benchmark | Competition AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Benchmark | Competition
Description:Get a dashboard about your competition to analyse the 4P of Mc Carthy (Products, Price, Place, Promotion) and define your sales and marketing strategy. All data can be collected on the web from any listing portal, market place or social networks.

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