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Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Benchmark | Competition AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Benchmark | Competition
Description:Get a dashboard about your competition to analyse the 4P of Mc Carthy (Products, Price, Place, Promotion) and define your sales and marketing strategy. All data can be collected on the web from any listing portal, market place or social networks.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: BPO documents merge AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | BPO documents merge
Description:Any BPO document can be created, customized and filled automatically with the database records. The administrative document can be any type. (Quotations, Customer's contracts, Employees' contract, Payroll, Work completion,....) Select the document from the list of templates, select the record to fill the document (Prospects, Customers, Employees, Projects, Candidates,..). The document is fully customized, can be printed as a PDF file or saved into one of the documents folders. Thanks to the BPO settings, any document can be added. Ask our team to create your new templates.

Branch: 1.CRM Feature: Zalo Official Account Messenger AtemisCloud | 1.CRM | Zalo Official Account Messenger
Description:Communicate through Zalo messenger with your contacts. Send them templates documents such as emailing, questionnaire, events invitations. Keep interacting with them easily and fluently. All messages are then shared with all authorized employees to benefit from this omnichannel platform. This feature works in a similar way with WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Emailing Campaigns builder AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Emailing Campaigns builder
Description:This feature allows you to plan your yearly campaigns. Select the audience / target segment from the drop down list. Then choose a period [Month, BiMonth, Quater, Semester] and the year. Select the thumbnail of the first emailing that you wish to add to your campaign. On mouse over, the title and the creation date are visible. Then drag and drop the thumbnail to the frame below. The sending date will be created automatically. Follow the same actions with the other selected emailings. The emailings are now stored in the emailings scheduler. You can get to the scheduler to adjust the sending date. The emailings will be sent on the date selected.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Events | List AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Events | List
Description:This feature is an active list to get and create new event. Manage directly from here the invitations, send them by email, trach the confirmation. Manage your events easily and collect all data to permanently improve your marketing actions.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Contracts | List AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Contracts | List
Description:This feature lists all contracts with your partners (suppliers, customers, employees,...) with the contract period and renewal dates. It is part of the BPO (Business Process Organization) application which includes the validations steps, the automation and the workflows.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Facebook | Campaigns dashboard AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Facebook | Campaigns dashboard
Description:This feature collects all information from the Facebook leads import, to the sales activities done, to the quotations done, the contracts signed and the invoices produced. The report displays a sales funnel, the ROI, the top 10 businesses, positions, cities were the best sales activities were made. This report is multi country which allow you to compare better your facebook campaigns results.

Branch: 3.Administration Feature: Outlook Calendar Synchronization AtemisCloud | 3.Administration | Outlook Calendar Synchronization
Description:This feature allows all users to get all their tasks and reports synchronized from Outlook and get all their project planning and sales agenda on their mobile phone.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Emailing | Builder AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Emailing | Builder
Description:Build your email without HTML code. Drag and drop the blocks (in the bottom left) into your content. When done, drag and drop the type of content into each block. Then use the gear, the edit the content depending on its type. The image selector, the text builder, and events list or questionnaires list allow you to customize your content. Simple and easy. The AtemisCloud App creates the HTML code for you. Select the type and the name before saving the template. This template is now in the list of your emailing under Marketing.

Branch: 2.Marketing Feature: Blogs AtemisCloud | 2.Marketing | Blogs
Description:Manage all your blogs with AtemisCloud. Create a new blog by defining it`s title and content. The slug will be automatically created. Define the publishing date and add pictures in te content from your online images store. Select the tags and the keys of the blogs which will be visible in the tags Cloud in the front page of the blog. To see an example:  

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