Why should insurance companies use a CRM solution?
9/10/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration

insurance CRM Insurance is not a new concept. When human needs are increasing, they want a fully protected life from health to finance and the future from the risks in life. Selling insurance is not like selling any other product or service. Buyers cannot look, feel or touch it and you are selling insurance policies to the concerns of potential buyers. In the end you, the insurance companies and agents are selling your beliefs, ideas and expertise. Any difficulty affects directly the company's brand. Besides replying to all the customer requests is a prerequisite for the company to stay alive in the market. Insurance CRM with all digitial business processes are considered as the top solution for insurance companies.
How has education changed after Covid?
8/5/2021 Chien Dang Administration, Projects

education The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic affected all industries. Education is one of the most heavily affected professions. When the state regularly encourages people to stay active at home, do not gather people to ensure safety. Many traditional schools and educational centers are forced to close, teachers are mass unemployed ... On the contrary, online education does not seem to be significantly affected. Online education has been developed for a long time. Many countries around the world have considered it a trend of the times and have applied it to teaching. However, not all schools apply, many schools still hesitate and suspect that this form of teaching is ineffective, so they still choose to teach only in the traditional way. But in the difficult situation of the pandemic they are forced to switch to a new method if they do not want their teaching to be delayed for too long. From there, leading to a rapid transition to distance education, training and online learning activities. The crisis has encouraged widespread use of online platforms and tools to further facilitate learning and skill development.
Why is Omnichannel CRM a great solution for the pharmaceutical industry?
7/12/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing

Omni Channel CRM for Pharmaceuticals With the COVID crisis, Pharmaceutical is the most focused industry in this year 2021. Highly profitable, this market got a strong competitive environment with high-end R&D, worldwide distribution and should ensure international health safety regulations. The Pharmaceutical industry is working hard to keep up with changes in digital technology to revolutionise healthcare. To understand better their local businesses, Pharmaceuticals has begun to evolve towards a digital customer-centric approach. Over the distibution channels, multi-channel marketing is getting more and more attention from pharmaceutical companies. It allows them to attract the attention and trust of doctors, pharmacists and patients for all kind of pharmaceutical products. So how does omnichannel marketing work and what strategies to apply? How to boost efficiency while you are already familiar with marketing campaigns?
Why Legal companies should use a Legal Cloud solution?
6/10/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects

Legal Cloud solution Cloud technology is seen as a modern trend. Cloud solutions have in fact evolved in the corporate world, and it has helped businesses solve many problems for success. This is also perfectly suited for lawyers and law firms where accuracy comes first. If you or your law firm do not know about a cloud solution, then it is really a big shortcoming. Cloud solutions have helped make businesses more efficient, more productive, more competitive, more customer focused, and ultimately more profitable.
The benefits of real estate management software.
5/5/2021 Chien Dang Marketing, Projects

AtemisCloud Real Estate

The real estate economic market is always vibrant and developing strongly, requiring investors to have a very good management process to be able to enhance their competitive advantage. If you still use the traditional management method, then you are spending too much time managing apartment and apartment products, managing staff, managing contracts, ..., searching project information, customer records as needed. You don't understand the needs of your customers, you struggle to find potential customers. Interactions between departments, groups, and departments are also ineffective. Then this is the optimal solution for you, the solution is developed based on the needs of each customer. The user-friendly and easy-to-use software saves you time, and all stages of the operation are carried out in a certain process, responding to the needs of managing and solving jobs in the fastest way. Using our software keeps you in control of all your business problems. See outstanding project, potential customers, monthly sales, total sales for a year, store and manage a large data warehouse. Thereby helping investors to choose the appropriate form and business strategy, to grasp the amount of the company's financial income.

Les 7 avantages d'une application Cloud de gestion immobilière.
5/5/2021 Benoit Barrier Marketing, Projects

Your Real Estate business solution Le marché immobilier est très concurrentiel et se concentre fortement. Les dirigeants d'agences immobilières doivent moderniser leurs processus, digitaliser leur gestion et renforcer leur avantage concurrentiel. Avec des méthodes de gestion traditionnelles sur fichiers excels, ou de solutions CRM et de gestion de biens séparées, les agents immobilier passent trop de temps à gérer les biens, le marketing digital, les prospects et clients, les contrats, les factures et le personnel. Avec un nombre de dossiers importants, il devient compliqué de mener les campagnes marketing, de répondre aux besoins des prospects, de croiser la liste des biens disponibles, de gérer les différentes versions des contrats et suivre les paiements de toutes les transactions. Une baisse de qualité et de réputation sont à craindre, à moins d'utiliser une solution Cloud toute intégrée.
7 benefits of marketing automation
4/2/2021 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, BackOffice

Marketing Digital Marketing automation is the leading development trend in the world to help businesses grow their business and increase profits. It is also becoming a trend among large enterprises in developed and emerging countries. This technology helps businesses save administrative costs, free up labor force, shrink the business model and take care of customers more professionally, thereby bringing more profits to the business. According to Wikipedia, marketing automation is about streamlining marketing and sales activities by replacing continuous, repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. Marketing automation enables repetitive jobs to be processed more quickly, minimizes errors and increases customer experience.
Change the world and use SaaS apps during the Coronavirus outbreak
3/2/2020 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR

Change the world and use SaaS applications during the Coronavirus outbreak

If the Coronavirus outbreak will have a negative impact on the international economy, it could drastically change the way we work, and bring a positive impact to the world. Instead of a weakness, we can transmute it to a strength. Too many human concentrations, stresses, fears, pressures create sufferings, depression to the world. Mother Nature is surely not happy about our current civilization state. Time to change. This virus, created either by Nature or by Humans, is a biotechnological barrier which can disrupt the business world and the way we conceive work. With the worldwide internet coverage and the availability of business management SaaS applications, it’s time for companies’ directors to allow their employees to be connected and work from home. It is time for students and employees to study and work remotely, to boost their happiness, get positive energy and increase their level of consciousness. It’s time to change the world.
7 benefits of the business suite for your fitness center
1/15/2020 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR

AtemisCloud fitness and sport centers solution You probably know how the journey to acquire and retain the customer goes: a suspect got to know about you through social media, marketing campaign, or just heard about you from someone else. Then they will have a free trial at your gym, ask for consulting and book a package. Finally, they always expect the best customer care and service from you. Only by meeting their needs you will be able to retain them. The process is applied for fitness centers and service providers competing hardly with each others. The solution is having a good organization, digital processes to attract and retain better customers.
10 benefits to get an event management solution in the Cloud
10/15/2019 Julie Nguyen CRM, Marketing, Administration, Projects, Finance, HR

Event Management solution To manage your events and the hostesses who will participate in them, numerous companies still use excel or paper forms. They manually created events with all the data and registered attendees with it. Now, it’s 1 week before the event and they want to send the reminder/confirmation email to those hostesses and invitees. They need to rewrite an email from a template, then gather all the emails addresses, send the messages and waiting for the hostess’s / invitees’ confirmation. This process keeps on repeating mechanically for every event they have to manage.From the moment you start publicizing it, to the registration process, your communication, the event content, the delivery, the afterward management all the contacts should follow a clear process including all stake holders. That’s where a software specialist comes in. Spare time, spare money and have fun.
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